Register with InfoSnap

This year Katy ISD will be starting school on August 16, a week earlier than usual.  However, before heading back to the classroom, all Katy ISD students must be registered for the 2017-2018 school year through InfoSnap.

The District’s online registration system is simple, easy and the process can take place in a SNAP!!  The ability for parents and guardians to register their students from the convenience of their own home has made InfoSnap a great success in Katy ISD.

All Katy ISD students are required to register for the 2017-2018 school year using InfoSnap.

There are two important registration dates:

July 17:
(New students only)


InfoSnap will open for new students enrolling in Katy ISD for the first time.  Even

though registration forms can be completed online, you will still be required to go to

the campus designated for your child in order to submit certain documents, such as

proof of residency and vaccination records. 

August 1:
(Returning students)

InfoSnap will open for returning students.  All parents/guardians of returning Katy

ISD students will be required to update their child’s information for the 2017-2018

school year using InfoSnap, under the Returning Student Update section.  To do so,

you will receive a unique “snap code” for each child the week of August 1 to the

email address the district has on file. In addition to providing the registration process

online, InfoSnap will also replace the hard copies of the “First Day Packet” and will

feature the Back to School Guide with a link to the district map, the Discipline

Management/Student Code of Conduct and back to school Fast Facts, among other



Click here for more information or to start registering your child through InfoSnap.