EureKa! is a hands-on science enrichment program offered to all grades K-5 at OKE.  The program is developed and run by parent volunteers at OKE and is funded by the OKE PTA.

Our goal for EureKa! is to:

* Provide a hands-on, fun science experience 

* Follow and reinforce classroom curriculum

* Teach scientific thinking of “question, predict, test, record, & conclude”

* Encourage and enable each student to be scientists

* Each Grade has one experiment every six weeks beginning Sept. 9


What to do next:

• Signup on the Volunteer Form to receive reminder emails with experiment instructions

• Mark your calendars - EureKa! is on Wednesdays

• Each grades’ experiment has multiple sessions throughout the day with about 2 classes 

  per session.  Each session is about an hour long.  Class session times are posted here.

• Sign up online to attend an experiment

• Pop-ins are great, every extra person means more discussion and attention to the each


• Grandparents and other relatives are a great addition

• Please do not bring preschoolers to Eureka (younger siblings are discouraged from 

  attending due to safety, expensive equipment, and distractions to the lesson)